Project Overview

Welcome to the Paradise Sewer Project! This vital proposed project will provide a long-term solution for wastewater collection, transport and treatment from properties identified in the proposed sewer service area, which is encompassed by Clark Road, Skyway and Pearson Road.

Project Components


A series of gravity sewers, small pump stations, and pressure lines will collect wastewater from the Sewer Service Area and convey it to the southwest edge of Paradise.


A single pipeline will convey Paradise wastewater down Skyway and across south Chico to the Chico Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP).


At the Chico WPCP, Paradise wastewater will blend with Chico wastewater. The combined flow will receive high-level treatment before discharging to the Sacramento River.

Since its incorporation in 1979, the Town of Paradise has sought a wastewater treatment solution, with a focus primarily on commercial and densely-populated residential areas — the portions of Paradise most vulnerable to groundwater degradation and economic stagnation due to sewer limitations. To learn more about the history of the Paradise Sewer Project, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

In 2020, the Town contracted with HDR, an engineering consulting firm, to prepare an updated assessment of project options. To review the summary of this assessment, please click here. The assessment compared two alternatives for local wastewater treatment and discharge with a regional alternative involving piping wastewater to the Chico Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). The regional alternative was recommended because it had the lowest cost, community impacts, probable environmental impacts as well as the simplest operations and most support from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Town is now moving forward with preparation of a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to provide further information on sewer project alternatives.

Project Area Map


Project Costs

The proposed project is currently estimated to cost approximately $184 million.


$30M Design and Right-of-way

$152M Construction

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Project Benefits

The Paradise Sewer Project will bring many benefits to the region:

Provide wastewater disposal surety to help businesses and jobs return to Paradise and spur on recovery

Allow for more densely-populated residential development in the Town to help increase affordable housing

Improve Paradise groundwater quality by decreasing septic tank discharges

Create a wastewater solution supported by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and partner agencies to help create opportunities for additional funding

Project Schedule


Thank you for supporting the Paradise Sewer Project!