Environmental Review

The Paradise Sewer Project is currently in the environmental review phase, wherein the Town of Paradise is preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating a sewer connection from the Town to the City of Chico Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). The EIR will include an evaluation of resource topics as prescribed by CEQA Guidelines.


The Paradise Town Council, as lead agency, will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 7, 2022, at 6 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Town Hall Council Chambers, 5555 Skyway, Paradise, California, related to the adoption of the Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the Paradise Sewer Project, which consists of the design, right of way acquisition, and construction for the core collection system, extended collection system, transport pipeline, and connection to the Chico Water Pollution Control Plant.

The Town welcomes public input throughout the environmental process in addition to formal public comment periods. Make sure to visit the Public Engagement page to stay updated and the Contact page to submit a comment or ask a question.

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CEQA Process

The Town, which is serving as the state lead agency pursuant to CEQA, is preparing an EIR to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of construction and operation of the Paradise Sewer Project. The CEQA process steps are described below.

Notice of Preparation (NOP) of EIR


NOP was published with the State Clearinghouse through the California Office of Planning and Research.

Advertisement was placed in Enterprise Record and Paradise Post to alert the public of Environmental Process kick-off and initiation of development of the environmental document.

Public notice was distributed to promote the NOP/Scoping Period and public comment opportunities.

Scoping & Minimum 30-Day Public Comment Period – Public Scoping Meeting

MAY 3 – JUNE 3, 2021

This was an early step in the CEQA process, allowing the interested public to provide input into the project and environmental scope during the public comment period.

A Public Scoping meeting was held to share information and seek input. Click here to view the Public Scoping Summary Report.

Draft PEIR Development

MAY 2021 – JULY 2022

A Draft PEIR has been prepared that highlights the results of the project’s alternatives analysis and environmental impacts as well as identifies mitigation measures.

Draft PEIR Minimum 45-Day Circulation for Public/Agency Review & Comment – Public Meeting

Public Engagement Opportunity
MAY 2021 – JULY 2022

A Notice of Completion (NOC) was published with the State Clearinghouse through the California Office of Planning and Research.

A notice of availability of the Draft PEIR was placed within local and regional newspapers.

The Draft PEIR will be circulated electronically by the California Office of Planning and Research, and through the project website. A copy of the Draft PEIR is available at Town Clerk at Paradise Town Hall (5555 Skyway, Paradise), Butte County Library, Paradise Branch (5922 Clark Rd, Paradise), Terry Ashe Recreation Center (6626 Skyway, Paradise), City Clerk at Chico City Hall (411 Main Street, Chico), Butte County Library, Chico Branch (1108 Sherman Ave, Chico), CARD Community Center (545 Vallombrosa Avenue, Chico), and Butte County Clerk (155 Nelson Avenue, Oroville).

Public meetings will be held during the public review and comment period to share the Draft PEIR and seek formal input through a number of mediums including, but not limited to, letters, e-mails, website submission, and comment cards.

Final PEIR


Preparation and certification of the Final PEIR. All comments received during the Public Comment Period are included and addressed within the Final PEIR.

Responses to comments received during the Draft PEIR public comment period are provided in the Final PEIR.

Decision/Notice of Determination – Public Hearing

Public Engagement Opportunity
FALL 2022

Town Council meeting is held to allow the Town to hear Public Testimony and take action on the Final PEIR. The public is invited to join and participate in this meeting.

Within five days of the Town Council vote, a Notice of Determination (NOD) would be published with the State Clearinghouse through the California Office of Planning and Research.

Formal public notice of the Final PEIR availability will be placed in local and regional newspapers.

Environmental Key Activities

The following activities are included in preparation of the PEIR:

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Environmental data collection & field surveys

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Preparation of technical studies and analyses*

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Development of Draft PEIR

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Public review of Draft PEIR

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Response to public comments in Final PEIR

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Preparation of Final PEIR

Local and regional community stakeholders, as well as the general public, play key roles in the environmental planning process through ongoing participation and by providing timely and formal input at critical public comment periods within the environmental process. This valuable engagement helps to identify and address key concerns, issues, and potential impacts in order to develop a project that best meets the needs of the community.

* Air quality and greenhouse gas emissions modeling; biological resources survey and studies; cultural resources survey; and evaluation of technical resources prescribed as part of Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines